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2x The Water

Turbex rotary windmills will pump almost twice the volume of water in the same time than regular windmills of the same size

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Rotary is better

Rotary pumps are more efficient than reciprocal pumps

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Now available in Namibia

Turbex products are now officially available in Namibia

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Click below to get a copy of our very competitive price list. Per litre of water pumped nothing beats the pricing of a Turbex.

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What Our Windmills Offer

At Turbex we manufacture the highest quality and technologically advanced windmills (wind pumps) available. We have been manufacturing rotary windmills since 1981.

We believe that we can offer the lowest total cost of ownership water pumping solutions available anywhere. Our rotary windmills will work anywhere in the country as we offer different diameter wheels as well as different tower heights. We can also pump from shallow water like rivers, lakes and dams or boreholes twice as deep as other other windmills due to our efficient rotary pumps.

  • Turbex
  • Electric Pump
  • Reciprocating Windpump
  • Solar Water Pump
  • Diesel Powered Pump

Water pumping costs over 20 years for a 30m deep borehole.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is there enough wind?

The map below shows the average wind by region. 1 is excellent and 4 is the minimum that a Turbex can operate in. It is clear that most regions in South Africa will be perfect for a Turbex.


How deep can my borehole be?

With special sizing a Turbex can pump water from as deep as a 200m borehole. In practice though a borehole this deep is very rare.

Do you offer finance?

Absolutely. Please contact us for information.

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