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About Turbex Wind Turbines

The manufacturing of the Turbex rotary windmill started in 1981. The Turbex is the modern version of the traditional windmill where the well proven helical screw pump is driven with wind power. The concept was a major break through in windmill technology and is even today a leader in its field globally.

The machines were developed in South Africa for the African conditions, and after 30 years of experience and more than 3000 machines being successfully installed, the Turbex is definitely the leader in South Africa as far as pumping performance and water pumping cost is concerned. There is no windmill in South Africa, and any other place in the world that we know of, that can match the Turbex’s performance under the same conditions.

The Turbex pumps more water for smaller installations which dramatically reduces the pumping cost. It pumps more water from deeper bore holes, which very few, if any other windmill can equal. The machine also pumps water over great distances which is not achievable with any reciprocating (up-and-down ) windmill. The Turbex is also used very successfully for irrigation purposes. Under certain conditions the Turbex exceeds pumping rates of 80 000 liters per day.


The Turbex Rotary Windmill displays the following pump curve characteristics:

Pump Rate Curve

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