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Every Turbex windmill use a modern pump called a helical rotary pump that is driven by the wind. This pump rotates whilst the traditional wind pump operates with a reciprocating (up-and-down) motion. The helical rotary pumps are the leading bore hole pump type in South Africa today.

Advantages of Rotary Windmills Other wind powered systems find it difficult to match the Turbex’ performance under the same conditions.

A Turbex windmill will pump more water

The Tubex windmill pumps more water for smaller installations which dramatically reduces the pumping costs. Take a typical example. A Turbex Wind Turbine with a 4.6 diameter wheel, operating in a 20 km/h wind and installed on a borehole 30 m (100ft) deep, will deliver 30 000 liters of water per day. That is almost 11 000 000 liters per year!

Deeper water

Getting water at great depths was uneconomical in the past. The Tubex has now made it a feasible reality. The manufacturers of the rotary borehole pumps certify that these pumps can operate at depths of up to 200 – 240 m. Very few, if any, other wind driven units can reach these depths.

Pumps water forĀ kilometres

You can install the Turbex windmill at the water source and pump it to wherever you need it. Even the smallest Turbex windmill will maintain a pumping rate of 1000 liters/h over a distance of 15 km in a typical wind speed of 20 km/h using a 40 mm pipeline.


If you have access to a dam, channel or river you can use the Turbex windmill for irrigation purposes. A Turbex Wind Turbine with a 5.5 diameter wheel, operating in a 20km/h wind pumping from a river or dam will deliver 12 000 liters/h. In strong winds this can go up to more than 40 000 l/h.


The Turbex windmill is as reliable as it is effective.
The following features make these machines especially reliable:

  • The Turbex windmill automatically feathers out of strong winds to prevent over speeding and can absorb gusts of wind without damage.
  • The wheel is exceptionally strong and can withstand wind velocities of up to 150 km/h. The unique tower is designed for strength
  • The machine tracks the wind’s changing direction.
  • The Turbex windmill can withstand harsh weather conditions such as heat waves, storm winds, snow, rain, icing, and corrosion for many years.
  • Long life bearings ensure low maintenance.

The following conclusions can be made about Turbex windmills

  • Of all the types of water pumping systems available, the Turbex windmill is by far the cheapest.
  • The Turbex pumps more water than other alternative energy systems.
  • The Turbex is even cheaper than pumping water with electricity. That is not taking in account the cost of laying a new power line.
  • The Turbex pumps water 40% cheaper that an ordinary windmill.
  • The Turbex pumps water 50% cheaper that the Solar pumping system.

The diesel driven pumping system is so expensive that it can normally only be used for emergency situations


There are many different pumps and pumping systems which can pump water from a borehole. Every system has advantages and disadvantages. You can only make the right choice of product if you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of all that is available.

Comparison Study

A study was undertaken to compare the various systems with each other. All the costs involved as well as interest rates and inflation was used to draw a comparison between the various products. We can now see how expensive each product is. The costs include capital outlay, installation costs and operating and replacement costs. The products were compared over a period of 20 years. The following table shows the results. The Turbex Windpump was taken as costing 1 unit currency. All the products were then compared to the Turbex Windpump. For example: A solar water pump costs 3.09 currency units for every one currency unit of the Turbex Windpump. This comparison was drawn for a 30 m deep borehole.

PUMPING SYSTEM 30 m 60 m 100 m
Turbex Rotary Windpump 1.0 1.0 1.0
Submergible Electric Pump 2.31 1.55 1.46
Reciprocating Windpump 2.55 1.80 1.61
Solar Water Pump 3.09 2.41 2.33
Helical Rotor Pump & Diesel Engine 7.56 4.37 3.53

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