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Did you know dairy cows when milking need double the volume of water per day than beef cattle need?

Here is a quick summary of beef cattle and dairy cow water needs:

  • Beef cattle need 25,550 litres of water annually per head.
  • Milking dairy cows will need 54,750 litres of water annually per head.

How do you use these figures in calculating your daily water need?

Here is an example:
Lets say you have 50 milking dairy cows then you will need 2,737,500 litres annually. That is 2.737 million litres (mega litres) of water per year. Divide 2,737,500 by 365 to get daily water consumption. This means that you will need 7,500 litres per day or 7.5 kilo litres per day for your 50 milking dairy cows.

*Figures adapted from http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/agriculture/farm-management/soil-and-water/water/farm-water-solutions/farm-water-calculator

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