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Electricity from Windmills

Turbex windmills can also be used to generate electricity.

What you will need:

  • Turbex windmill
  • Turbex generator
  • Turbex controller
  • Battery bank


How does it work?

A Turbex windmill can be connected to a generator that will output electricity. The controller then regulates the charging of the battery bank. Electricity can then be used to drive various electrical circuits and ancillary equipment. Through an inverter 220V alternating current can be supplied to external circuits.

Systems available:

  • T330
    • 1.5kW system
    • 3.3m diameter windmill head
    • 24V or 48V system
    • 8kWhr generated per day on average
  • T460
    • 3.0kW system
    • 4.6m diameter windmill head
    • 24V or 48V system
    • 15kWhr generated per day on average
  • T550
    • 5.0kW system
    • 5.0m diameter windmill head
    • 48V or 120V system
    • 25kWhr generated per day on average
  • T780
    • 10.0kW system
    • 7.8m diameter windmill head
    • 96V or 240V system
    • 50kWhr generated per day on average

The average per day is based on the average wind conditions of the Free State.

The beauty of the machines is that we can pump water and generate electricity


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For more wind power generation options also have a look at our sister company, Winglette,  that specialises in wind turbines: http://winglette.co.za

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